IGNIS announces signing a Patent License Agreement with LG Display

IGNIS Innovation Inc. (“IGNIS“), an emissive display technology company, today announced the execution of a Patent License agreement with LG Display Co., Ltd. (“LG Display“), the Seoul-based world-leading display manufacturer.

Under the agreement, IGNIS will provide LG Display under a non-exclusive license, access to its circuit technology to enhance the performance of OLED displays. As recognized by the display industry leaders, circuit technology is crucial for today’s AMOLED applications including TV, IT, high resolution smartphone, virtual reality, automotive and next generation printing. “Our team is excited to have LG Display, a global leader and innovator when it comes to OLED displays, as a partner,” said Peter Monsberger, Chief Executive Officer of IGNIS Innovation Inc. “The efforts of IGNIS over the last 10 years have been focused on circuit technology as a viable solution for material and device issues inherent in emissive displays. This effort has resulted in significant know-how and Intellectual Property being developed by IGNIS, which is available to our partners including LG Display. I am sure that the collaboration between the two companies will contribute to further expanding the rapidly growing OLED display market.” Specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed because of their confidential nature.