IDS Santé Adopts Broadsign in France

Broadsign said that its software has been chosen by IDS Santé for a network that is intended to grow from around 400 screens now, in 100 French doctor’s offices, to around 1,500 displays in 500 locations in 2020. The number of patients impacted is around 10 million per year on the current screens.

“Seeing as they are already serving the Australian and American healthcare markets, BroadSign had an excellent understanding of our needs,” said IDS Santé CEO, Frederic Faurennes. “The BroadSign software allows each location to display their own content, without having to manage hundreds of playlists, and the integrated reporting tools offer total transparency to our customers. This keeps us aligned with new French regulations regarding digital advertising. Furthermore, BroadSign Mobile is a promising feature to enable our customers to extend their advertising to patients’ smartphones.”