Hybrimer Will Protect Project Valley

Transistors formed on Hybrimer. Source: KAIST.KIPost, a Korean news source, says that Samsung will introduce a foldable smartphone at the end of this year. Samsung has apparently been working with Solip Technology, a spin-off from KAIST, which has developed a product called Hybrimer. This is flexible glass combined with organic materials, and is around 50?m thick.

KIPost says that Hybrimer outperformed Corning’s Willow Glass, and is stronger than the rigid Gorilla Glass (9H+). Hybrimer will be used as both cover glass and an encapsulation layer, on top of the polyimide substrate and OLED frontplane.

Analyst Comment

Other sources have predicted flexible phones this year (Rumors: Devices with Foldable Displays are Coming Soon), but this is the first time that we have covered Hybrimer. (TA)