Huawei Prepares European Rollout

Huawei’s stand had an unfinished look about it – explained, we heard, by the ornate false ceiling collapsing the day before the show opened! Other exhibitors, including competitors, pitched in to help resurrect the booth, however.

The company was demonstrating its newest UltraHD STBs, which have already been commercialised with China Telecom. Roll-outs are coming this year with new operators in Europe and Latin America.

The X21 is Huawei’s ‘flagship’ STB, running Android 5.0 and featuring HEVC and VP9 decoders. It is a hybrid model (DVB-S/S2/C and IP), able to play UltraHD at 60fps through HDMI. Other boxes include the Q21 and Q22 (IP-only) and M321, which is an IP model running Android 4.4. The M321 can play UltraHD at 30fps.

Elsewhere on the stand, Huawei was demonstrating 4G video, which it already offers to customers. This feature can be used for entertainment, communication or by vertical market customers.