HTC Establishes VC Fund for VR Investment – Spins off VR

Credit: Mobile World LiveHTC has continued its commitment to virtual reality, announced the formation of a venture capital investment fund at Mobile World Congress Shanghai. The news comes just one month after we reported on the establishment of Vive X (HTC Signals Future is in VR), to assist VR start-ups.

The new fund is called the VR VC Alliance, and brings together 28 venture capital firms, with $10 billion of investible capital.

Alvin Graylin, president of HTC China, made the announcement. He also said that HTC’s board has recently decided it would spin off its Vive business.

Analyst Comment

Talking to market players from Taiwan today, we agreed that often a spin off means that either the new business doesn’t look good, or that the core business is in trouble. Our bet is that it’s the mobile business that is in trouble and by spinning off VR, HTC may avoid the division seeing negative comments because of that business. (BR)