HP Cuts Android for Windows

VP Michael Park says that HP wants to provide a high-margin, premium product for office workers with its Elite X3 smartphone.HP Inc. is cutting its losses in the Android space in favour of Windows 10 Mobile, according to PC World.

Microsoft’s OS will form the heart of HP’s new mobile strategy, as it discontinues low-cost Android tablets (much like Dell – TA). The company intends to unify its devices under a single OS, even its smartphones: an area where Windows has struggled.

Future mobile devices will be built around Windows 10, unless there is ‘significant new demand’ for Android, say HP executives.

Analyst Comment

This is broadly as we have previously reported from MWC onwards. Quite rightly, while HP is a consumer IT brand, it has had little success over the years in consumer products outside IT. Consumer mobile is a graveyard of ambitions so simply focusing on the corporate world, which remains solidly Windows-based, makes sense. (BR)