HoloVit Screen Creates a “Hologram”

HoloVit (Miami, FL) is a clear screen that is used to show what the company calls “holographic videos.” The screen works in conjunction with any one of the several electronic devices commonly belonging to consumers and that contains a display. HoloVit also offers means for user’s to record their own holographic videos.

First, it must be noted that all uses of the term holographic by the company are totally incorrect. The image is captured and presented from only one perspective. What is correct is that, when viewed under dim room lighting conditions, the screen becomes almost invisible. This leaves visible a flat, full color image that seems to float in the air.

HoloVit 1

To set up the HoloVit system, the user’s display source, which includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs, is positioned close to the HoloVit screen. The display source is then turn on and the user selects the desired video. The display source setting is then adjusted to Full Screen and any advertisements are closed. To see the image properly, it must be viewed in reflection. That means that the user needs to be located behind or to the side of the display source.

One significant point with regard to this approach is that the system is designed to work without the need for a projector or other special equipment. In a sense, the display source itself becomes the projector.

HoloVit screens are offered in three sizes for use with different display sources.

  • HoloVit screens for smartphones and tablets
  • HoloVit screens for laptops
  • HoloVit screens for TVs

The company states that, when set at the optimal distance, the “images and video come to life, even in brightly-lit rooms.” One caveat emphasized by the company is that only content that has been formatted as a hologram will work with the HoloVit system.

Regarding this last point, the company states that “thousands of holographic videos are widely available.” In addition, the company offers a set up for users to record their own holograms.

HoloVit’s modular recording kit includes a stand that supports a black, laminated background and a black mat. The dimensions of the Modular Hologram Recording Set are 55.1 inches x 74.8 inches.

In capturing the hologram, it is required that the images contain nothing in the background other than the black background included in the kit. The reason for this is that the black background does not show up when the video image is reflected from the HoloVit screen while the brighter subject is highly visible. The result is that a video that “shows only the subject on the clear screen, making it appear as if a small hologram is hanging in space.”

The video of the subject can be recorded with any type of camera, including those found in smartphones and tablets.

A YouTube video is included at the end of this article that illustrates the HoloVit in operation.

Recorded hologram videos can be shared with others on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Last December, the team conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign for the purpose of developing prototypes of the HoloVit system and to verify that the technology is viable. At this time, the company is conducting a campaign on Indiegogo to fund a full production run. HoloVit is seeking a flexible goal of $18,000. (In Indiegogo campaigns, a flexible goal means that the company will receive the funds even if the goal is not fully reached.) At the time this article is written, $5,069 has been raised from 35 backers with “about a month left.” The campaign includes a special offer to backers. A small size HoloVit screen is available for $79.

If manufacturing plan proceeds as expected, backers can expect shipments of HoloVit screens and recording kits by September. -Arthur Berman

HoloVit, Sibel Stanz, 786-228-8810, [email protected]