Hitachi Upgrades TW3003

An 84″ LCD display was being shown on Hitachi’s stand as a prototype. Although there was very little information about it – it was more of a ‘technology demonstrator’ – we did hear that it has UltraHD resolution and supports 10-point IR touch.

The CP-TW3005 projector is a replacement for the TW3003. Is it an ultra-short throw model, which works with active pens to enable interactivity – although a module can be added to recognise finger touch. The projector has 3,300 lumens of brightness and 1280 x 800 resolution, although a model with 1920 x 1080 resolution “may” be released next year.

Contrast ratio and lamp life have both been increased compared to the TW3003 (to 10,000:1 and 6,000 hours, respectively). The projector is also driverless, so it is plug-and-play when used with a PC.