Hisense Courts UK TV Viewers with Research and Announces 2023 European TV Line-Up

Hisense says it has conducted a study on UK TV owners’ viewing habits to better understand consumer preferences in this key international market. The research revealed that 34% of UK households plan to upgrade their televisions, with picture quality (73%), screen size (70%), and sound quality (58%) being the top priorities for consumers considering a purchase.

ULED X. (Source: Hisense)

It’s an announcement like no other, and a novel pitch. As a result, Hisense says it aims to address these consumer preferences with its upcoming ULED X and U8 TV models.

Source: Hisense

In the meantime, here is the company’s recently announced 2023 line-up of TVs for the European market.

ModelDisplay TypeSizes Available
Hisense A85K4K OLED55″, 65″
Hisense UXKQ4K LCD55″, 65″, 75″, 85″
Hisense U8KQ4K LCD55″, 65″, 75″, 85″
Hisense U7KQ4K LCD55″, 65″, 75″, 85″
Hisense U6KQ4K LCD50″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″
Hisense E7KQ Pro4K LCD55″, 65″, 75″
Hisense E7KQ4K LCD43″, 50″, 55″, 65″
Hisense A7KQ4K LCD43″, 50″, 55″, 65″
Source: Hisense