Hisense and Yi+ To Usher in a New Era Of Real-time Video Recognition in TV

In its recent official announcements, Hisense revealed the launch of its new generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) television system- “VIDAA-AI” in Beijing.

This ushers in a new era of interactive media in the TV industry using real-time scene and video recognition technologies powered by Yi+AI. Indeed, Yi+AI’s strong AI visual capabilities have empowered Hisense’s “VIDAA-AI” video content identification by leaps and bounds.

Now, Hisense’s “VIDAA-AI” has not only the most powerful voice-command function, but also offers a first-in-history real-time video search in full screen. This new technology is said to be faster than all other voice-interactive responses and could simultaneously support the visual recognition of multiple types of first-hand information, such as news, photography and shopping information.

In the partnership, Yi+AI will continue to provide Hisense with its state-of-the-art intelligent analysis engine for capturing image and video intelligence rapidly through identifying numerous celebrities and product items within milliseconds. In short, the engine will attract and bring in more consumers to Hisense by transforming user experience to a more convenient and intelligent one.

Yi+AI’s driving intelligent change for more businesses in the OTT industry

From its own research and development capabilities, Yi+ has successfully developed a computer vision engine, an intelligent image and video analytic engine and a face recognition engine. Among which, the intelligent analytic engine could automatically detect over tens of thousands of objects in video images, celebrity faces and close to a hundred types of scenarios. Other than detecting, analyzing and extracting key frames in video images, the engine could also assist the platform to realize automatic tagging in huge volumes of videos and images. This helps to excavate hidden data value and provide a strong retrieval capability to search for a billion types of products via images. Object-tracking and enhanced AR effects are also made possible. These two functions will together increase a brand’s conversion rate in marketing and advertising, while simultaneously provide interactive entertainment for the masses.

At present, the large-screen AI Assistant is one of the most popular and acclaimed intelligent and interactive products developed by Yi+ using AI image recognition and search technology. Based on image recognition, big data, user portraits and other forms of information acquisition, the product thus provides users with a more personalized and well-defined content. The expansion of content for recommendation also acts as a series of customized value-added services.

Via our video recognition system, real-time content identification could be achieved in milliseconds. This essentially means that information that is of relevance to the current content shown on the screen could be relayed to audiences rapidly via direct streaming to paid members.

For example, when a user sees his/her favorite celebrity in a TV show, the AI assistant will be prompted to display relevant information regarding the celebrity’s latest news, his/her product endorsements and recent works via a remote button or through a voice command, such as “jump to the frame that shows XXX celebrity”. Similarly, when the user sees a preferred outfit in the drama, the AI Assistant will automatically identify and roll-out the purchase information for the user to consider. Another relevant area of application is to push travel information to users when a travel programme is aired. Information regarding air tickets’ prices, availability of hotels and food recommendation would be on display on a supporting side screen. The presentation of these information could also be enhanced through AR gifs and effects. In this way, advertising resources are being put to use more effectively while consumers enjoy an interactive viewing experience.

Ultimately, the “smart eye” of our Yi+’s AI Assistant strives to understand and process a user’s needs by eliminating the cumbersome search on the Internet. It also aims to conserve the time and effort of advertisers while helping them to improve conversion rate without disrupting the user’s watching experience. By continuously innovating its technology, Yi+ will bring smarter brains and eyes to the masses for them to “see different”.