High Five with Christian Thévot of Texas Instruments

Christian Thévot is the Business development manager, DLP pico, Texas Instruments. Christian manages TI’s DLP pico projection products in EMEA, working with companies using these technologies to promote them across the region.

1. What do you consider are the five most important market developments in the last five years?
Over the past five years the world has gone mobile and with this development, peoples’ expectations towards content have also changed dramatically. Demand to experience “anytime anywhere” content is at an all-time high, resulting in a surge in interest in AIO devices that you can carry around in your pocket. The call for mobile content is also causing a shift away from physical media such as books, DVDs and newspapers to virtual media in the form of eBooks, applications and streaming video. 3D has also come into its own in recent years and is really starting to prove its value.

2. What will be the five hot topics over the next five years?
We will see a lot more from multiple screens in the future, both in terms of how many people own them and how many are being used at once. Dual screens are already a growing trend, but the demand for more and larger home screens is only going to get stronger. Conversely, the mobile workforce will demand fewer screens – as they expect everything to go into one work device. Further trends include consumers accessing their content such as TV, video, photo, social applications and gaming on the go.

3. What are the five most interesting upcoming technology developments that you can see?
Technology which allows increasing interactivity with screens, whether in the form of touch, gesture or voice control, will definitely be something to watch out for. 3D technology will become increasingly affordable and user-friendly; results like those from our ‘Learning in Future Education’ research will continue to strengthen the 3D user case, especially for education. Pico will continue to be one to watch, with current products like the Samsung Galaxy Beam hinting at the great future for pocket-sized devices. Additionally, digital cameras and smartphone camera capabilities will become increasingly sophisticated to feed today’s consumer demand for photo sharing.

4. What are five things you/your company stand for?
We combine cutting-edge technology with tried and true – our products have been in use since 1996, but we always push ourselves further. If you boil it right down, the DLP Pico division at Texas Instruments delivers incredible innovation and versatility. This gives our customers the freedom to innovate and develop products for a broad base of applications. By anticipating business and consumer trends we provide customers with the right technology to penetrate the market at the right time.

5. What are the five most important things or people in your life?
I am sure I am no different to everyone else, in that my family is by far my most precious possession. I love my three year old twin sons but they do tend to run me ragged! Luckily I am a massive fan of sports and, along with supporting the Saint-Etienne football team, have completed a number of triathlons and marathons. Living in Nice also allows me to get out most of the year. When the weather is good, which is most of the time, I enjoy sailing, skiing and hiking with family and friends.