Haier Underwhelms with TV Quality

Haier did not have a press event so we learned what we could about their TVs in the booth. Unfortunately, that was not much information.

The company currently offers four series of LCD-based UHD TVs. The Ultra Slim series is offered in two ranges; the U6500( (49″ to 65″) and the V800S range (43″ top 65″). The UHD series is offered in two ranges as well; the F1000U (43″ to 65″) and the V300S (43″ to 65″). There is a UHD Curved series with two ranges: the Q6500U (55″ and 65″ and the Q9000U (55″ and 65″). The fourth series is called Huge screen and consists of the B9300U (75″) and the H9000U (86″ and 98″).

There were no real specification on these TVs available and booth personnel had no idea regarding specifications such as % of P3 coverage, peak luminance, number of dimming zone, HDR support, etc. However, they all appeared to be value-oriented TV with very mediocre picture performance. I think the UHD range does not have HDR support and the other probably can decode HDR10. Luminance is likely in the 300-400 cd/m² range for most if not all and a color gamut of 80-90% of P3 is likely as well. All are planned for shipment by the end of 2017 with the exception of the 98″ model which is early 2018.

There was one prototype on display the Q9800 which was a quantum dot model with 95% of P3 coverage. This did not look very good and had very high black levels. It may be offered only in a curved 55″ version if they get good feedback (which seems unlikely).