Gurmanizing Apple’s OLED Plans With Added Kuo

The boss has asked me to cover some of the rumors about upcoming products that may be relevant to the display industry. It’s not fun to have to find your way through the dark web of rumor mills but at least when it comes to Apple, you have two sound choices: Mark Gurman over at Bloomberg, and Ming-Chi Kuo on Twitter.

Our two professional Apple followers agree on one thing: Apple is trying to make their Vision Pro more competitive and it wants to come up with cheaper versions. A big part of the device’s cost is Sony’s MicroLED displays and that’s the display industry angle for now.

The other thing that Gurman and Kuo seem to agree on is that there will be revamped iPad Pro with an OLED display sometime in 2024, probably with the largest display seen for this device, a 14-inch screen.

Finally, at least for now, new iMacs with 24-inch, and possibly 30-inch, displays, no word on what kind of display technology, are also slated for the first half of 2024.

Other than the move to M3 processors, and increases in power efficiency, Apple’s linchpin feature on almost all of its products is the display. Historically, Gurman and Kuo have not been far off the mark with their rumors. We may see the actual announcements for these products slated for 2024 occur later this year.