GTK launches O-Film technology for TFT Displays

GTK announced the availability of O-Film technology, which, when used in conjunction with standard TFT displays, dramatically improves the achievable viewing angles. The O-Film is a polariser that is applied to the display and redirects light, providing all round viewing angles to any standard TFT to which it is applied.

Clive Dickinson, Business Manager for Optoelectronics at GTK, commented, “O-Film is a relatively new technology and not yet widely recognised in the marketplace but it is an extremely cost-effective solution for applications where improved, all-round viewing angles are needed. OEMs can use standard, off-the-shelf TFT displays, eliminating the need to choose more expensive technologies such as IPS to achieve the performance they require for their finished products.”
For more information on this technology, visit the O-Film product page.