GS Reduces iPhone Forecast


Goldman Sachs has downgraded its forecast for iPhone sales and expects 53 million sales in Q1 (down 1.7 million) and 40.3 million in Q2, down 3.2 million from its previous forecast. Over the whole of 2018, the analyst forecasts 217.3 million, with 2019 and 2020 also reduced. It also expects ASP to drop slightly.

Separately, ETNews has suggested that Apple will release two OLED-based smartphones in the autumn with 5.85″ and 6.35″ displays and with a combined production plan of 50 – 55 million. Combining these two pieces of data would suggest around 150 million LCDs being needed, which could please suppliers such as JDI and Sharp.

In other news, The Investor in Korea said that Samsung, as expected, is still delaying decisions on expanding its capacity for flexible OLED production in the light of the nervousness about Apple’s demand. The investment could depend on demand from other brands. The paper also said that Samsung had been assuming that Chinese smartphone suppliers would follow Apple into OLED. However, this has not happened (probably because of the potential cost implications – Man. Ed.)