Google Scraps Headset – Or Does It?

Sources speaking to Recode have said that Google has cancelled the development of a standalone VR headset.

The company declined to comment on the move, but Recode speculates that the decision comes from Google’s efforts to streamline its projects: shifting its focus to mobile VR, such as apps and services, rather than hardware.

In May, Google was said to be working on a headset created for use with its Daydream platform (Google Sets Specs for New VR Platform). A separate project, in the Google X division, was creating a separate OS for the device. According to sources, both the headset and development on the OS have been scrapped, in favour of Android.

In direct contrast to Recode’s claims, however, sources have told Engadget that a team at Google is still working on ‘a dedicated headset that blurs the line between virtual reality and augmented reality.’ Team members working on the headset were apparently told that Daydream is not Google’s long-term plan for VR and AR – it is a ‘stepping stone towards a grander hardware push.’

The headset under development will be a completely standalone model (like Deepoon’s, revealed this week: Deepoon Claims First Standalone Headset – TA), which will not require an attachment to an external device to run. It will have a dedicated display, but will offer more AR features than VR.

Google, again, declined to comment.