Glass-Media and Wi-Charge Put New Charge into Retail Display Advertising Market

Glass-Media, a leading market innovator and disruptor in digital signage, and Wi-Charge, the leader in long-range wireless power solutions, announced a partnership to deliver a new generation of smart and engaging wirelessly powered advertising video displays.

Under the partnership, the two companies are providing retailers and brands with new ways to reach their customers in-store at the point of purchase to drive greater engagement, deliver a better retail experience and increase revenue at a fraction of the cost of engaging them online. Glass-Media is already delivering these customized visual displays to some of the world’s largest wine and spirits, ready-to-drink (RTD), and CPG brands, that are achieving measurable value and clear differentiation while ensuring full compliance with brand guidelines.

Surprisingly only 1% of digital advertising budgets are focused on where 80% of overall buying decisions take place – at the point of purchase in brick and mortar stores when the customer is standing right next to the product. This is a result of technology limitations and old ways of doing business. Glass-Media is embracing this opportunity by empowering retailers and brands with a breakthrough approach to reaching and influencing customers as they make buying decisions in retail stores. Glass-Media works with a plethora of global brands including Neiman Marcus, Amazon, PepsiCo, Levi’s, Fossil, Estée Lauder Companies, and Chuck E. Cheese to create unique and customized retail marketing experiences. The Dallas-based company manages everything from hardware and software development to content creation and custom fabrication to revolutionize traditional video advertising at the point of purchase.

With its partnership with Wi-Charge, Glass-Media is further expanding what is possible with visual display technology by replacing cumbersome wires and batteries with over-the-air wireless charging coupled with Glass-Media’s autonomous 4G LTE connectivity to streamline operability as well as open up completely new designs and form factors. For example, tablet-thin visual displays can be easily installed on glass refrigerator doors and stream promotional video content without ever running out of power. In addition to providing advertising at the point of purchase, the displays are also equipped with smart sensors capable of monitoring aisle traffic, content engagement, dwell time, and more, providing retailers and brands with digital eyes right next to the products.

During a recent in-market test with a Dallas-based entertainment company that owns and operates almost 150 locations across North America, Glass-Media’s digital tabletop displays “generated $100 per week per table in incremental sales on average, which would translate to $38 million in annual incremental sales across all stores if the display program was rolled out” according to the client. The client utilized the displays to upsell and cross-sell beer, cocktails, appetizers, entrees, and limited-time offers (LTOs) and is considering co-branding the displays through collaborations with select, key brand partners.

Wi-Charge over-the-air charging technology can charge devices in a 30-foot range, extending the value and capabilities of smart home devices. It eliminates the complexities and inconvenience of cables and batteries to give product developers free rein to design a new generation of mobile and smart devices and end-users the freedom they crave from hassle-free devices. Wi-Charge systems and devices are already deployed in multiple commercial venues in the United StatesCanadaIsrael, and worldwide.

“Every retailer is clamoring for wireless video displays in order to reach buyers at the exact moment that they are considering a purchase, but it requires a great solution and experience to capture consumer attention,” said Ori Mor, co-founder, and chief business officer, Wi-Charge. “Glass Media delivers creative experiences that drive measurable and impactful ROI from day one. We are excited to work with Daniel and the Glass Media team to help retailers and brands expand the power of brick and mortar retail through a simple yet powerful solution –  engaging digital advertising at the point of decision.”

“Brands are continuously on the lookout for affordable, scalable, sustainable, and effective ways to differentiate themselves at the point-of-purchase,” said Daniel Black, founder and chief executive officer, Glass-Media. “Together with Wi-Charge, our bespoke, comprehensive solution offerings empower brands to captivate, engage, and influence customers without the need to worry about access to power and reliable connectivity.”