Gesture Recognition Market for Smart TVs – Technavio Uncovers Global Trends, Forecast & Growth Prospects

Technavio has published a new report on the global gesture recognition market for smart TVs,which is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 29% from 2015-2019.

Gesture recognition market segmentation by geography

Technavio’s report analyses the solutions and products offered by market vendors and presents a comprehensive breakdown in terms of market segmentation for different regions, focusing on the APAC region, the Americas, and EMEA.

The report also indicates that current 2D cameras can only capture ‘X’ and ‘Y’ elements, whereas, time-of-flight (TOF) cameras, also called range cameras, produce high-quality 3D images using a ‘Z’ element. These cameras emit light and measure the amount of time it takes for the light to bounce back, which allows them to analyse the depth of an image.

“The time-of-flight cameras can, in fact, differentiate light reflected from the human body and the surrounding environment. This technology will be very useful for gesture recognition since certain movements of the hand can mislead 2D cameras,” says Faisal Ghaus, Vice President of Technavio.

Gesture recognition: Market scope and calculation of market size

This report covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the global gesture recognition market for smart TVs from 2015-2019. To calculate the market size, Technavio uses revenue generated from smart TVs with built-in gesture recognition only.

Industry analysis includes:

  • Key Vendors:
    • EyeSight Technologies
    • PointGrab
    • Samsung
  • Market Growth Drivers:
    • Ever-growing TV market
    • A New Experience
  • Market Challenges:
    • Low Value Addition
    • Price-wars in TV Market
  • Market Trends:
    • Time-of-flight (TOF) Camera
    • STBs with Gesture Recognition

View the global gesture recognition market for smart TVs report.