German Market Remains Steady in 2014

The positive trend in consumer electronics (CE) sales in Germany continued through 2014. Compared to 2013, sales were up 2.1%, and stable growth is predicted for 2015. The Consumer Electronics Market Index (Cemix), published by the GFU, has shown that total revenues reached more than €27.5 billion, compared to just under €27 billion in 2013.

Cemix data is divided into three sections: Classic CE, Private-Use Telecom Products and Private-Use IT Products. Sales of classic CE products – including items such as TVs and STBs – were down again, falling 5.3% YoY. Despite this, these products were still the largest CE sector, with a value of €10.2 billion and market share of 37%. Private-use telecom products (including smartphones and feature phones) were up 7.5%; and private-use IT products (such as tablets and notebooks) climbed 6.5%.

Classic CE was again dominated by TV sales (up 3.8% in volume, to 8.1 million units). Due to price erosion, however, TV revenue was down 4.7% to €4.5 billion. The trend towards large screens continued, with 37″+ models generating just under €3.6 billion, representing around 80% of sales. 40″ is the average TV size sold in Germany. About 98% of TVs sold are LCD models and 57% are smart sets.

Smartphones experienced lower growth rates than previous years, but still rose 7.8% in 2014, to more than 24 million units. Revenue rose 9.2%, to about €8.8 billion. Meanwhile, feature phones fell to 3 million units (2013: 4.3 million).

Growth was recorded in all three PC categories, in both volume and revenue. Rising 25.2%, to almost 1.6 million units, desktop PCs led the list in growth, followed by tablets (up 19.7% to 6.6 million units). Notebooks came last, with sales up 8.4% to 5.4 million units. Desktops also led revenue growth, rising 20.1% to €0.95 billion. Notebooks were up 6.2% to €3.2 billion and tablets up 4.7%, to €1.9 billion.

The 2015 market is expected to be stable, with no major sporting events to boost sales.