Gartner Spells Out its View on the Future of Technology

As 2014 comes to an end, market researchers start their forecasts of what is to come in consumer electronics in 2015 and beyond. One of the first companies to share its views on technology development in coming years is Gartner. The company has released some of its expectations at recent events and press releases.

PCR quotes Annette Zimmermann, research director at Gartner, saying that wearables will be the number one topic of the coming years. Gartner also sees the use of sensor technology and biometric sensor technology contributing to the growth of wearable devices and the growth of the PC coming to an end.

In a press release from Gartner the company focuses on three developments:

  • By 2018 more than 25 million head mounted displays will have been sold.
  • By 2016 40% of the shipped smartphones will feature biometric sensors.
  • Through 2017 one third of consumers in emerging market will have never owned a Windows device.

HMD (head mounted displays) as the basis for augmented and virtual reality devices will have developed from a niche market device to a mainstream product for the consumer market. The basis for this is the development of more stylish and less obtrusive hardware as well as the development of compelling software applications.

Biometric sensors will be used in a large portion of smartphones but will also be used in wearable electronic devices that relay their information to the smartphone. This will allow more secure access to data and include also more health and fitness oriented feedback to the consumer.

Gartner also points to the trend of changing personal computing habits in developing markets. While Microsoft Windows is the overwhelming platform for PCs in developed countries, developing markets will change to mobile platforms like Android and iOS, bypassing the Windows experience.