Garmin NuviCam adds camera to 6″ GPS


The time of the GPS as external navigation system seemed to be coming to an end, as more and more cars come with fixed installed navigation systems. At the same time, emergency vehicles, the police and many commercial drivers have installing dashboard cams to record outside traffic for various reasons.

Now Garmin, one of the leaders in GPS based devices and services, has released the nuviCam LMTHD device that combines both functions in one aftermarket product. The nuviCam has a 6.1″ touch display with WVGA resolution (800 x 480). This is not comparable to high resolution displays as used in today’s smartphones, but the use case is based on daylight readability and contrast.

Source: Garmin

The device has turn by turn navigation functionality and also adds other typical navigation functions. In addition, the device uses the camera to detect lane departure and getting too close to vehicles in front. While it does not hit the brakes for you, it will warn about a potential accident. Such functionality has so far used in high-end cars but the nuviCam extends that to everyone’s car. It receives traffic updates directly to the device without the use of a smartphone and predicts delays and suggests alternate routes. The device also connects to the driver’s smartphone allowing the user to share information – such as where you parked, POIs and your destination. With the Garmin Smartphone Link app, the user can also send locations and addresses from a phone straight to the nüviCam.

In addition, Garmin is advertising a feature called Real Vision. This feature allows the user to see house numbers overlaid on a real video feed when they approach select destinations. Some compare this to augmented reality functionality, but not in the sense of augmented reality glasses, for example.

The nuviCam LMTHD is available from Garmin for $399.99, that certainly beats the cost of a similar system in a high-end luxury car. – NH

(In Russia, drivers have to have cameras to protect themselves from incidents deliberately created by other drivers to trigger insurance claims. This unit would be useful there! BR)