Fujitsu Works on Smartglasses in Different Forms

Fujitsu AR headset

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we had a chance to see a smartglass device that was developed by Fujitsu for the vertical markets(Fujitsu Looks to Industrial Apps and Iris Recognition). Now Fujitsu has announced that the device is going into actual supply status. According to the press release, the device will be available in mid May, even though Fujitsu has not released a price yet.

According to Kopin, the underlying technology is based on its displays, optics and voice extraction filter technology. The result is a device that has a look-around display unit that provides augmented reality information.

At the same time Fujitsu has also shown a new headset at the company’s technology expo in Tokyo. According to many observers like PC World and Computerworld, the new prototype is of the see-through type and looks somewhat similar to the Epson Moverio BT200.

The blogs state that the new headset uses some form of laser light to create the image. The Computerworld article states that the left arm of the headset contains a laser projector that shines RGB laser light into the eye. There is no description on how the optics achieves this. It will be interesting to see if Fujitsu continues this development and goes for an augmented reality headset. – NH