Foxxum and THTF Global sign 5 years Smart TV cooperation

Foxxum, worldwide leading provider of Smart TV solutions, and THTF Global, a China based LCD TV manufacturer selling multiple brands globally, have signed an exclusive 5-year contract. THTF launched the Foxxum TV Store on its brand Orion in Europe and will add more brands and territories soon.

To support Orion’s sales channel relations and activities, Foxxum has developed new features to allow the sales channel to integrate its Smart TV app and to promote their products on the main page of the Foxxum TV Store to end users. As a result Orion has been able to create increased sales with its sales channel partner QVC in the first step and all other business partners soon as well.

Orion is now providing a state-of-the-art content centric Smart TV offer which includes specialized regional content, catch-up TV, online shopping and a state-of-the-art search and recommendation service to its customers.

“We are thrilled to use a Foxxum Smart TV solution for our TVs now. Great content combined with impressive skills to support our sales activities and their reliable on-time delivery to meet our customers deadlines convinced us to engage with the worldwide market leader”, explains Bruno Seibert, President at Tongfang Global Germany.

“THTF Global’s appreciation of Foxxum’s technology to promote their sales makes us proud and represents another major step to further establish our leading position to provide a superior Smart TV user experience”, explains Ronny Lutzi, CEO at Foxxum.