Feud Escalates Over SUHD Branding

Samsung has asked LG Electronics to halt its use of “deceptive marketing” when it comes to the company’s UltraHD TVs, says the Korea Times.

Samsung launched its SUHD TV brand at CES 2014, and which is used for the most premium UltraHD sets. At the next CES show, LG was displaying models labelled as ‘Super UHD’, which we noted at the time ran worryingly close to Samsung’s (trademarked) branding.

The feud has now come to a head, with Samsung Electronics Spain sending an official protest letter to LG Electronics Spain. This comes after LG Spain began using Samsung’s SUHD logo on some of its TVs in that country. Stores are also using SUHD to refer to LG TVs in Canada and Singapore.

For its part, LG has claimed that there was ‘no intention’ to usurp the trademark and has apologised, says Samsung.