Faroudja Enhances Epson Images

Epson’s Powerlite 4770W is a 3LCD unit with video enhancement technology from Faroudja. DCDi Cinema provides a range of features to improve image quality without introducing artefacts.

One of DCDi Cinema’s technologies is directional correlational deinterlacing (DCDi), which removes the jagginess that can be introduced by resolution upconverters. Others include Film Mode Detection, which detects original frames of a film within a video stream and reconstructs an accurate image (free of motion artefacts, with full vertical resolution); Truelife Enhancement, to enhance details such as skin texture and edges; and Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction, filtering noise without introducing smearing.

Up to 70% vertical and 38% horizontal lens shift is built into the 4770W, as well as +/-30° vertical and horizontal keystone correction. The projector also has split-screen capability; is networkable; and is supplied with nine test patterns to check image features such as linearity and bleeding. A DICOM mode is built in.

The projector has 1280 x 800 resolution and 5,000 lumens of brightness. The 280W lamp will last for 4,000 – 5,000 hours. Images can be sized between 30″ and 300″ (1.27 – 2.59 throw ratio). DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, 5-BNC, RCA, composite, S-Video, USB-A, USB-B, RJ45 and RS232 ports are featured. The unit measures 472 x 354 x 159mm and weighs 6.5kg.

Epson is selling the Powerlite 4770W now, for $2,000.

Analyst Comment

By my calculation, this projector achieves a lumens/watt rating of 17.85 lumens per watt. I haven’t been tracking this in detail recently, but for a long time, 14 – 15 lumens per watt was the “state of the art”. Of course, the lower resolution helps by giving a high aperture ratio on the LCD. (BR)