European Signage Outlook is Positive for 2015

The Italian Digital Signage Business Climate Index (DBCI) for November/December rose significantly from the previous September/October poll. According to OVAB Europe, the index grew 16.57 points to a ‘slightly positive’ level.

Italy’s current digital signage business situation is unclear; 35% of respondents rate their situation as good and the same number rate it as poor. All participants have similar expectations for 2015, however; 65% expect a more favourable situation. The lower oil price, leading to lower energy costs in major European economies, has helped to push the DBCI to a positive trend.

There has been a satisfying level of demand for entry-level signage, but the costs of UltraHD equipment have dampened expectations for UltraHD projects in 2015. Expected UltraHD market share is just 5%, while more than 62% of respondents show modest demand for entry-level signage.

A similar situation was seen in Poland, where the DBCI rose 6.07 base points in November/December compared to September/October. Unlike Italy, the Polish market was positive throughout 2014. The oil prices also caused a rise in this market, spiking from 16.68 to 22.75.

Demand for UltraHD signage was slightly more favourable than that in the Italian market; OVAB forecasts a 5% – 10% market share in 2015. Entry-level signage was also more popular, with 44.4% of respondents showing high demand.