Eurofins Digital Testing announces 4K HDR Ultra HD logo scheme

Giving consumers the confidence to invest in the latest and the best television technology will now be easier, thanks to a new logo scheme that delivers High Dynamic Range (HDR), Ultra-High Definition (UHD) and Wide Colour Gamut (WCG) simultaneously. With manufacturers already expressing considerable interest in the unique logo scheme, it is expected to gain significant traction in the coming weeks, following its launch at CES 2017.

The scheme will ensure that the latest generation of UHD HDR screens (which deliver the highest picture quality currently available), will be easily recognised in the marketplace. The new 4K HDR Ultra HD logo will identify equipment that has been fully tested and proven to meet the highest standards of picture quality. The logo scheme certifies that all qualifying equipment will successfully deliver the extended contrast range and colours essential for HDR and WCG, as well as ensuring that the full potential of UHD is met (which offers up to four times the clarity of existing HD services). HDR brings a whole new dimension to content with vivid, true to life colours, darker blacks and brighter whites and the combined result of these three factors is simply breathtaking.

Broadcasters and content providers have been saying for some time that this combination of technologies must be adopted concurrently to justify the investment in UHD content production – and the logo is designed to target that sweet spot of UHD combined with HDR and WCG. Most importantly, the logo will ensure that devices are compatible with HDR content delivered over broadcast and IP (OTT), not just via HDMI.

The scheme is initially being promoted by well-regarded testing and quality assurance company, Eurofins Digital Testing, who are expecting for the scheme to be adopted, and ultimately owned by the TV manufacturers.

Tim Morgan, Managing Director of Eurofins Digital Testing UK commented: “Consumers are prepared to spend more and more money on getting the best in their entertainment systems but need guidance that they are making an informed choice. It is important that consumers can be confident that their new TV doesn’t just have a great display but will be able to display HDR content arriving from a number of sources, including via broadcast, OTT and HDMI.”

He continued: “The use of the 4K HDR Ultra HD logo will help those in the marketplace searching for a premium quality television identify models that meet their exacting standards. Having realised the need to establish a recognisable measure of quality in this area we look forward to manufacturers joining us in establishing the logo scheme and taking it forward.”