Escatec Claims 10x LED-Cooling Improvement

Escatec is to launch an LED-cooling solution, which has implications for displays, at the LED Professional Symposium, between 22nd and 24th September in Austria.

The Heat Spreader solution uses LEDs soldered onto a copper substrate; this is up to 10-times more effective at dissipating heat than current materials, says Escatec. The design (referred to as ‘CoolRunning’) means that LEDs with a power density of up to 10W per mm² could be cooled passively.

LEDs tend to be closely-packed to form a bright source of light. However, this also concentrates their heat output. Escatec’s Wolfgang Plank, manager of the Future Lab division, says that Heat Spreader, “opens up compact, high power LEDs of…1,000W, to be used in many new applications such as stage lighting, architectural illumination and video projectors”.

The Heat Spreader solution can be customised with regards to the size of the package, shape of the beam and wavelength of light. The lens or lens array can also be custom-made, to provide the exact optics required by the application.