EMagin Shows High-brightness 2k x 2k Microdisplay at Display Week

eMagin’s 2k x 2k direct patterned OLED microdisplay with 5000 nit output. (Credit: M. Brennesholtz)

eMagin was exhibiting on the show floor and I visited them to get an update on their near-eye OLED microdisplays intended for AR applications. They were showing their 2k x 2k direct patterned OLED microdisplay in the booth. I believe I’ve seen this microdisplay before but never running at its full brightness of 5000 cd/m² . In addition to the direct patterned version of the 2k x 2k chip, they were also showing a version of the same backplane only with their XL OLED stack on it (color-by-white) running at 150 cd/m² . They were also showing their lower-resolution products, including their WUXGA (1920 x 1200) imager with the XL OLED stack, also at 150 cd/m² and a monochrome green version of the WUXGA imager with an output of 30,000 cd/m² . Other than the demo of the 5,000 cd/m² direct patterned microdisplay, there was little new since last years Display Week. –Matthew Brennesholtz