eMagin Awarded Patent for Switchable AR/VR Microdisplay-Based Immersive Headset


eMagin Corporation, announced today that it has been granted a patent (U.S. Patent No. 9,366,871) for a microdisplay-based immersive headset, providing a user experience of complete involvement with the display’s imagery. The patent covers the integration of microdisplays and optical elements to design an ergonomically appealing immersive headset.

The design offers flip up/flip down functionality that allows users to quickly move the display in and out of their line of sight. The flip display also incorporates a switchable Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality feature that enables the user to switch easily between VR and AR modes.

“One of our goals is to improve upon the current state of VR headset design,” said Kip Kokinakis, President of eMagin’s HMD group. “It is important to us that the form, fit, and feel of the headset enhance users’ overall experience, allowing them to spend more time enjoying the use of the product.” Kokinakis continued, “We also looked at the growing market trend towards mixed reality, or the combining of VR and AR, and designed a unique set of optomechanical elements for switching the headset seamlessly between VR and AR modes.”

Andrew G. Sculley, President and CEO of eMagin Corporation added, “When combined with our OLED microdisplay technology, users reach a new level of uncompromised immersive VR and AR performance. Our OLED microdisplays provide the high contrast, fast response time, vivid colors, and high pixel density (no screen door effects) required for superior VR applications while addressing the ultra-high brightness demanded for AR applications.”