Elo Expands Retail Self-Service Capabilities With Integrated EMV & NFC-Enabled Payment Solution

Elo, a global supplier of interactive touchscreen solutions, today announced the ability of its self-service platform to integrate with one of Verifone’s latest payment devices—the Verifone e355—bringing support for loyalty programs and emerging payment methods, including Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV), near field communication (NFC), and mobile wallets, to retail self-service and endless aisle environments.

Existing self-service technologies that only support traditional payment methods are a challenge for retailers that want to also accept EMV, NFC, mobile wallets, and loyalty programs in self-service and endless aisle environments. Retailers’ ability to support these capabilities in such environments often requires costly and time-consuming installation of fixtures, arms, and stands used to attach updated payment technology to the point of sale (POS).

By integrating its all-in-one tablet solutions with the Verifone e355, Elo now offers a solution that simplifies and reduces the cost of supporting new payment and loyalty methods in self-service and endless aisle retail environments. Not only does this bring EMV, NFC, mobile wallet, and loyalty program acceptance to the self-service and endless aisle POS, it enables retailers to expand their sales channels, enhance security, and deliver digital commerce right to the customer through these environments as well.

“From gift registry or loyalty programs to endless aisle and price checkers, any in-store fixed digital touchpoint now becomes another point of commerce for your customers,” said Dan Ludwick, vice president and general manager of Elo. “Retail customers expect streamlined self-service options in-store, and competitive retailers are quickly embracing integrated payment solutions with every digital experience.”

Typically used to convert any smartphone or tablet into secure payment and commerce endpoints, the Verifone e355 is an incredibly versatile device that can support all methods of payments and loyalty programs while integrating with retailers’ legacy back-end systems to connect online and offline sales channels. Connecting the device through Verifone’s Secure Commerce Architecture (SCA) also simplifies the EMV certification process for merchants and prevents sensitive payment data from becoming exposed to POS (electronic cash register) malware commonly used by cybercriminals.

“The option to use self-service checkout along with EMV, mobile payments, and loyalty programs are just a few examples of what consumers are increasingly beginning to expect from their in-store shopping experience,” said Jerry Hamrock, senior director of global product management for mobile products of Verifone. “The ability to seamlessly integrate Verifone’s offering with Elo’s all-in-one digital touchscreen solutions brings this capability to Elo’s more than 20 million installations in more than 80 countries around the world.”

Elo continues to reimagine in-store customer experience with solutions leading the way in retail technology. As a leader in POS solutions, Elo’s broad portfolio includes the affordable E-Series, adaptive X-Series, interactive I-Series, and all-in-one PayPointcash register – including our full line of touch displays – delivering end-to-end innovation. With Elo, retailers can easily implement technology that helps reward loyalty, engage shoppers, accept new forms of payment, and ensure fast, seamless customer service.