Eizo Upgrades to Colour

Eizo’s CuratOR EX190 diagnostic display has high brightness and can show colour – it is designed to display both greyscale tones and colour images in interventional radiology. The integrated stability system maintains luminance stability automatically. The display is DICOM-compliant for greyscale images.

Designed as an upgrade to Eizo’s SMD 19102 greyscale monitor, the EX190 is factory calibrated. The blue point has been adjusted to meet the conditions for typical medical applications. The monitor also includes a colour point adjustment function.

Eizo has installed five pre-set lookup tables with practice-oriented settings; these take ambient light into account, and therefore meet the requirements for diagnostic monitors. An adjustable LUT is also included. Colour location and LUT settings can be adjusted through the OSD.

The EX190 can be adjusted to adapt to signals with special timing requirements outside of the standard range, such as legacy equipment. This uses Eizo’s Force Mode function.

An IPS panel is installed in the monitor, with 1280 x 1024 resolution, a 25ms response time and 176° viewing angles. It will display 8-bit colour. The backlight can reach 700 cd/m², although 400 cd/m² is recommended for calibration. DisplayPort, DVI-I, BNS, USB-A (x2) and USB-B ports are built in.

Eizo will begin to sell the EX190 in Q1’16. Price is on application.