Eizo Sharpness Recovery Becomes Clearer

A couple of weeks, we wrote a story about a “Sharpness Recovery” system that Eizo has developed in a new medical monitor. (Eizo Recovers Lost Information From Ageing Panels). We couldn’t quite understand what the company meant and we’re grateful for some clarification.

The system basically compensates for crosstalk between pixels, that is to say, light that leaves the panel through an adjacent pixel. Eizo had said that the problem gets worse as the aperture ratio changes over time. We couldn’t understand that, and we got clarification that the firm meant that aperture ratios typically get bigger as panel generations come in, not over the lifetime of an individual panel.

Analyst Comment

It was a relief to get some understanding. Eizo is a classically conservative Japanese company when it comes to claims and specifications, so we were sure that we had just misunderstood. There are other companies where we’d have had a different view! (BR)