Eizo Results 16/11/2016

Eizo Corp. announced its H1 FY16 results with its net sales at ¥39.5 bn ($375 mn) and net profit at ¥3.1 bn ($29.5 mn), leading to a net profit margin of 7.9%. The H1 FY16 net sales have increased by 13.7% from last year’s first half sales of ¥34.7 bn ($284 mn). The H1 FY16 net profit increased significantly by 78.6% from last year’s H1 profit of ¥1.7 bn ($13.9 mn).

The H1 FY16 decreased marginally from H2 FY15 sales of¥40.1 bn ($340.4 mn). The contribution of the visual display segment in sales decreased in H1 FY16 to 64% as compared to H2 FY15 which was 74%, however the full FY16 net sales and visual display segment sales are expected to be more than full FY15 figures.