E Ink Display Used on Trucks

Visionect of Slovenia is developing new applications for E Ink display technology and has started a project with RoadAds Interactive of Germany to put billboards based on E Ink displays and which are being applied to trucks or their trailers. The company claims that adverts on trucks generate 2.5 times more attention than static billboards.

The two companies have worked together with Mercedes to put the reflective displays onto trucks in Germany. E Ink technology was chosen because EU lighting regulations do not allow illuminated displays such as LCDs and LED, according to Visionect.

Because the content can be updated, the displays can also be used as moving road signs to communicate information about roadworks or hazards. Four 32″ displays are used together to create a 3′ x 6′ (0.9 x 1.8m) display area. The displays have been constructed to meet IP65 ruggedness specifications and the truck can be processed through an automated wash point. Each display is fitted with GPS, 4G and Wi-fi connections and can be updated locally (by Wi-fi) or remotely, by 4G.

Visionect is now taking orders for the first production run, of 1000 units, which is expected to be complete by June 2017, although five trucks will take part in a trial from November. Samples will be shown at the IAA Commercial Vehicles conference, September 22–29 in Hannover, Germany.