E Ink and Plastic Logic Boost ePaper Partnership


E Ink has announced it is renewing its master supply agreement with Plastic Logic. The agreement centres around flexible EPD production and with this partnership, the continued strength of the companies’ relationship to collaborate and accelerate the market adoption of ePaper displays.

E Ink and Plastic Logic have been cooperating in developing the EPD market for more than 10 years. Plastic Logic owns the OTFT technology that is suitable for developing flexible EPD devices in wearable applications. According to IHS, the flexible display market will grow to $15.5 billion in 2022 as the popularity of wearable and mobile devices with flexible displays increases. Plastic displays lend themselves particularly well to wearables as they are light-weight, robust and require minimal power to function. They have other uses in jewellery, watches and health monitors as well as other applications.

Tim Burne, CEO of Plastic Logic stated that signing the master supply agreement creates mutually beneficial opportunities for geographic expansion, the penetration of new markets and the further acceleration of ePaper displays’ adoption in a multitude of applications.

The new master supply agreement signed by E Ink and Plastic Logic provides a commercial framework for the two companies to operate, cementing an even stronger relationship and providing more choice and flexibility to their respective customers.