Dynamic Focus on 19″ Wide LCD Monitors

This week we are highlighting LCD monitors in the 19″ wide category, covering both 16:10 and 16:9 models and sizes from 18″ wide to 19.9″ wide. There are 14 brands featured in the advertising. AOC is at the top of the PageShare for the combined three major countries, Philips is second and Acer is third. In France, Philips is top followed by AOC and Asus in joint second followed by LG. In Germany, HP leads followed by AOC in second and Acer and Asus in joint third, while in the UK, Acer and Lenovo are joint top followed by AOC in second and Philips in third.

Over the three countries, Asus takes the top position of the PageShare with the VS197D followed by BenQ’s GL955A in second and HP’s W1972a in third. In France, Asus’ VS197D is top followed by LG’s 19M35A in second and BenQ;s GL955A in third. In Germany, HP is top with the W1972a with BenQ’s GL955A in second and AOC’s e960PDa in third and in the UK, the top three models were BenQ’s GL955A, the Asus VS197D and the Lenovo’s ThinkVision LT1952p.

The average dollar price was down 1% from to August to September and YoY (year on year) was up by 5% over the three countries. The average dollar price in France was down 1% YoY, while in Germany it was up by 3% and in the UK it was up by 6%. The minimum price in August for a 19″ Wide LCD monitor was $78.04 excluding tax.

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