DVIGear Shows Powerful Range of AV Distribution Products at InfoComm15

DVIGear, a leading manufacturer of digital connectivity products, is introducing the game-changing new DisplayNet AV distribution platform at InfoComm15 in Orlando, FL on June 17-19 at Booth 3659. DVIGear is also demonstrating its comprehensive suite of end-to-end 4K (UHD) video distribution solutions at the show.

DisplayNet: AV Connectivity – Redefined

DisplayNet is a new platform for AV distribution that uses 10GbE technology to switch, extend and distribute uncompressed AV signals in real time with resolutions up to 4K (UHD). By leveraging 10GbE Ethernet technology, the DisplayNet platform offers increased scalability, versatility and reliability thanks to the enormous installed base of 10GbE hardware used in IT / data center applications around the world.

For almost a decade, AV Systems have been designed primarily around proprietary matrix switchers. While this switching technology has driven a wide range of innovations, there have been several drawbacks. Proprietary matrix switchers are expensive, they provide limited flexibility and scalability, and they require costly specialized support. Now, System designers and integrators can use DisplayNet™ to effortlessly distribute AV signals using standard off-the-shelf 10GbE network switches. DisplayNet supports a wide array of applications including Point-to-Point Extension and complex Matrix Switching, as well as Video Wall and MultiViewer (coming in 2016) displays.

Comprehensive Range of 4K Distribution Solutions

At InfoComm15 in Orlando, DVIGear is also exhibiting a complete range of 4K video distribution solutions designed and built to overcome the challenges of transporting signals at the high data rates required by 4K video. DVIGear’s MXP Series matrix switchers are non-blocking cross-platform switchers that are completely modular. Several frame sizes are available enabling I/O arrays from 8×8 up to 80×80. Using a high-speed digital routing engine, the MXP Series can easily support 4K /30p signals simply by installing the available 4K I/O cards shipping since 2013. These cards are field-proven and are capable of routing 4K signals over fiber, twisted pair, and copper connections.

DVIGear will also show the DVI-3580a, which supports switching, scaling and MultiViewing of video signals at resolutions up to 4K /30p. This high-performance, low-cost unit includes 4x HDMI, 2x DisplayPort, and 1x VGA/Component input as well as 1x HDMI and 1x HDBaseT™ output. Four user-selectable windowing modes are available. It also supports other advanced features such as audio embedding and de-embedding, as well as EDID management capabilities all at $2,250 MSRP.

DVIGear will also exhibit a wide range of 4K video signal extension technologies. Among these are DVIGear’s long-reach copper cables, CAT-X twisted pair extenders, and fiber optic extenders. The SHR™ Series HDMI and DVI copper cables support 4K /30p up to ~25 ft. (7.5 meters), while the HR Series DisplayPort cables support 4K /60p up to ~50 ft. (15 meters). Several twisted pair extenders are available that use HDBaseT technology to extend 4K /30p up to 330 ft. (100 meters). DVIGear’s DVI-7520 and DVI-7525 provide a simple, cost-effective way to extend uncompressed video, audio, IR and RS-232 as well as Ethernet all over a single CAT-X cable. These HDBaseT extenders fully comply with the POH standard to extend remote power from the transmitter to the receiver, simplifying installation. For applications that require extreme distances, DVIGear will display an unmatched range of high-end fiber optic extension solutions. Among these, the DVI-7314 uses a cutting-edge SerDes that enables high-speed signals to travel over a single fiber optic cable. It supports 4K /30p extension up to 500 meters over multi-mode fiber and up to 2 km over single-mode fiber.