DSF Europe Cooperates with Digital Signage Federation

DSF Europe, a trade association that was previously known as OVAB, has said that it is working with the Digital Signage Federation (DSF) in the US to collaborate in a number of ways. DSF Europe will maintain its own budget and annual agenda, participates in worldwide event and initiative planning, and has a seat on the DSF Board of Directors. The continued expectation is that by providing a higher geographic profile and broader accessibility, the relationship will help attract DSF membership and participation in both North America and Europe where many multi-national companies already do business.

Initially, collaboration efforts will include:

  • Extension of DSF benefits to DSF Europe Members, including; discounts, certification, DSE benefits, member only access
  • Access to the Business Climate Index model for the North American market
  • Monthly Hangout series will feature more panelists from DSF Europe to provide an additional perspective
  • More exchange of case studies between the DSF and our European partners

Analyst Comment

Although OVAB became the DSF Europe a while ago, the website still seems to be under the old branding. (BR)