Dolby Vision Arrives With Vizio

Dolby Vision, Dolby’s high-end HDR format, has been installed in TV sets for the first time, thanks to Vizio (we saw these TVs in April: Vizio to Bring Dolby Vision to Home Theatre).

We have written in more detail about the TVs here, which our paid subscribers can access.

The new 64.5″ (RS65-B2) and 120″ (RS120-B3) Reference series sets feature UltraHD resolution, 800 cd/m² of brightness, a direct-LED backlight and 384 zones for local dimming.

The TVs are supplied with UltraHD titles from Warner Bros., which have been mastered using Dolby Vision. Additionally, new Dolby Vision titles will be available through Netflix ‘soon’. The TVs support HEVC decoding.

According to Vizio, the sets feature a wide colour gamut technology called Ultra Colour Spectrum. This is enabled through quantum dots in the smaller model and phosphors in the larger TV. We have asked Vizio what colour gamut coverage the units have, but had not received an answer at the time of going to press (we heard that it was DCI-P3 at NAB: Dolby Provides HDR Update).

Vizio Internet Apps Plus, the company’s smart TV platform, is installed on both products; this is powered by a V6 hexa-core processor.

The TVs have a 240Hz refresh rate and 178° viewing angles. HDMI (x5), component, composite, USB and RJ45 ports are featured.

Vizio’s new Reference TVs can be pre-ordered now, for $6,000 (64.5″) or $130,000 (120″). They are intended for cinephiles.