Does the Apple Watch Live up to the Real World?

The Apple Watch has been expected to create a breakthrough for all wearable devices. In reality it will be pretty difficult to judge how successful the Apple Watch will be, as Apple stated that it will not break out Watch sales in the same way it does for other products. During the company’s recent earnings release, Apple’s Tim Cook was asked how Watch sales were going. After he refused to be drawn, he was asked if holding back the numbers mean that sales were not as good as planned. He responded by saying that demand is higher than supply and that the customer feedback so far is 100% positive.

At the same time CNET released some of its own testing of the Apple Watch and documented this in the following video.

As you can see the tests are more based on real world experiences rather than typical laboratory testing. It would seem that the Apple Watch is actually pretty much up to the task in a real kitchen, unless you leave out hitting it with a cast iron skillet. As can be clearly seen, sapphire is hard and scratch resistant but not shatter proof. – NH