Dispelix and Avegant Deliver new AR Glasses Reference design

Dispelix and Avegant are working together on augmented reality (AR) glasses. Dispelix is a developer of see-through waveguide technology for XR (extended reality), while Avegant specializes in miniaturized LED light engines. The joint effort has resulted in the development of a new reference display module for AR glasses. This module combines Dispelix’s Selvä LED waveguide combiner, known for its thin, light, and bright properties, with Avegant’s latest light engine, the AG-30L2, which is smaller than its predecessor. The design aims to provide consumer-ready visual quality in an everyday wearable form factor.

The collaboration between Dispelix and Avegant aims to create a turnkey solution that offers maximum compatibility for waveguide technology, enabling other manufacturers to utilize the combination in their products. The companies also express their commitment to working with OEM partners to further showcase their technology in reference designs. The components used in the reference display module are readily available for purchase. The two companies are exhibiting at AWE (Augmented World Expo) 2023, claimed to be the world’s biggest conference and expo for augmented reality, virtual reality and wearable technology industry professionals.