Digital Signage Transforms Butcher’s Shops

Eclipse Digital Media has supplied digital signage to Tariq Halal Meats, a large specialist meat supplier in the London area. Seventeen Samsung smart panels have been added to the two existing LG panels in two of the branches and these are being driven by 2 Asus Chromebits using cloud-based Embed Signage software. The main displays are 17 Samsung smart displays, although a couple of existing LG displays were also worked into the arrangement. Tariq Halal hopes that the signage will increase sales and reduce the irritation of waiting time.

Analyst Comment

I had headed this story “Take a Butcher’s at this Display”, but that obviously was too much for the writer. For students of the weirder parts of the English language, “Butcher’s hook” is famous cockney rhyming slang for a “look”, so a cockney (native of London) might say “take a butcher’s”. (BR)