Digital Signage Summit is Very Software-Centric

After missing last year’s Digital Signage Summit (it clashed with the first day of IBC!), which was the first that Invidis had run in collaboration with Infocomm, we were pleased to be able to attend the event this year.

The event is very focused on software and applications and really there was not a great deal of hardware coverage. The talk from Merck (which was very ‘blue sky’, although useful) and a few minutes in a panel session from our own Bob Raikes were the only real talks that covered hardware. Given the committment by exhibitors who sell hardware, this is a bit disappointing. We only attended on the first day for the networking and exhibition – there were no talks compelling enough that it made sense to attend and report.

Anyway, the event has clearly grown from two years ago, so something must be going right!