Delta 8K Projector to Enter Production in Second Half of 2018


Digitimes has reported that Delta Electronics recently demonstrated a prototype of a planned 8K Ultra HD projector, claimed to be a world first.

The report also states that Delta plan to enter mass production of the device in the second half of 2018. In the absence of a true 8K chip, Delta has used 4K chips from Texas Instruments and proprietary technology to create an 8K resolution effect with a brightness of 26,000 lumens. Delta founder Bruce Cheng commented that the new projector can provide 16 times more detail than a Full HD equivalent.

The projector implements a laser-based illumination system, providing a longer maintenance-free period of use when compared to an LED light source. It will also use three quarters less power than a simulated 8K projector—four 4K projectors working in unison. Delta also announced a collaboration with partner Digital Projection to sell and promote the new projectors under its brand.