Dell’s Smart Desk Re-imagines Sprout

Dell’s newest concept is similar – very, very similar – to HP’s newly-launched Sprout PC (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 42). Presented at Dell World this month, the ‘smart desk’ combines a vertical LCD monitor and a touch-enabled display embedded in the surface in front of the user (HP’s Sprout uses a projector for this second screen).

It might not be something that the average consumer is clamouring for, but that doesn’t matter; Dell is specifically aiming at professional users, such as designers and graphic artists. The vision behind the concept is that the screens will be used together; the horizontal screen will be used for primary work activities, such as drawing, while ‘secondary’ activities – browser windows, for example – will be on the vertical display.

Specific commands, tools and menus can be accessed on the horizontal screen with gestures. The concept is also linked to the cloud, supporting continuity – a user can sit at one workstation, then move to another and pick up where they left off. HP’s Rocco Ancona said, “[A]ny smart desk workspace will allow users to pick up their work session wherever they left it – regardless of location”.

The smart desk is still only a concept; perhaps Dell will follow through with it if Sprout is a success.

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Both of these concepts are similar in vein to the demonstrations of an interactive desk at the Fujitsu Forum last year. (BR)