Dell Results 08/12/2016


Dell Technologies announced Q3 FY17 financial results with net sales (GAAP basis) of $16.2 bn with an operating loss of $1.5 bn, resulting in an operating loss margin of 9.2%. On the non-GAAP basis, Dell had a positive adjusted EBITDA margin of 13% on a net revenue of $16.8 bn.

As compared to last year’s Q3 results, the net sales (GAAP basis) had increased by 28% from $12.7 bn while the operating loss had increased more than five times.

Overall, the management believes that it had a solid quarter keeping in line with it’s strong customer focus and their digital transformation initiatives. The Client Solutions Group, which contributes the majority of revenues, outgrew the sector while the Infrastructure solutions group had mixed performance during the quarter.

Dell’s Q3 FY17 results were influenced by the EMC merger as the financials of EMC and VMWare’s were added to consolidated results for 52 days since the completion of the acquisition.