Cynora Raises Blue OLED Lifetime

Cynora GmbH of Germany, which works with TADF materials, has made significant progress with its efficient blue material in the last six months.

Image: OLED-InfoSince 2015, Cynora has been developing organic blue dopants for vacuum deposition. The company believes that OLED displays using blue TADF materials will feature a power consumption that is lower than today’s types by a factor of two.

The latest deep blue material has an external quantum efficiency (EQE) of 16.3% at 100 cd/m², compared to 3% in October 2015: a factor of five improvement.

At the same time, Cynora is using a sky blue material to raise device lifetime. It has already achieved an increase in lifetime to more than 400 hours at 500 cd/m², from ‘a few minutes’ in October.

Thomas Baumann, Cynora’s CSO, said, “We have yet to reach the performances requested by the OLED display industry, but our rapid progress during the last six months proves our capability to reach the performance levels we have defined together with our key customers to support their technical roadmap. We will use the coming months to combine both efficiency and lifetime in a single deep blue material.”