Corsair Announces New Elgato LCD Prompter

Corsair announced the launch of the Elgato Prompter, a new compact teleprompter designed to make professional-quality video production more accessible. The Prompter attaches to a camera or webcam and enables creators to maintain natural eye contact with their audience by displaying scripts or streaming chat on its built-in 9-inch LCD display.

Source: Corsair

The Prompter connects to a computer via USB and is compatible with Elgato’s free Camera Hub software for Windows and Mac. The software allows full customization of the teleprompter display and text. The Prompter also mirrors any app window like Zoom with a simple drag-and-drop function. Corsair claims that unlike competing products, the Prompter does not require an additional tablet or smartphone as its screen is integrated. The Prompter is also designed for broad compatibility with more webcams, cameras and smartphones than any other teleprompter.

The Prompter aims to make teleprompting easy and effective for content creators of all kinds. The teleprompter can also be used by professionals for virtual presentations and video calls. Users can drag and drop a video conferencing app onto the Prompter screen to maintain eye contact on calls.

The Prompter works seamlessly with other Elgato products like the 4K60 Facecam Pro webcam. It also supports integration with the company’s Stream Deck controllers.