Consumers Still Sceptical About Automated Transport

Despite numerous attempts from many varied sectors to establish a market for automated mobility services, the concept of “self-driving” technology for taxis and buses has yet to be proven viable with actual consumers. In a new report from the In-Vehicle UX team at Strategy Analytics, consumers in the US, Western Europe and China were surveyed regarding their interest in automated driving technology for these services.

Image: Toyota

Consumer interest worldwide is extremely narrow because the practical usefulness of such services has yet to be proven to consumers beyond the early-adopter segment. In addition to not having a use for automated taxi or bus services, sceptical consumers do not yet trust automated transport technology. Consumers in China also show strong concern for the quality of the vehicles which might be used for such a service.

Analyst Comment

I seem to be in a minority. On the one hand, in the past I have liked long drives, but, increasingly, I find these days that I resent the loss of time that driving takes. I’m certainly interested in having an autonomous car, but then, in technology, I’m an early adopter. (BR)